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Backbone single view multiple models

backbone single view multiple models

For example, if ssages message, then read will contain a reference to the thread object.
El, bindings You could also bind to an element's class property as shown in the example below.!- The html mann sucht frau bielefeld - div id"patientPic" / The javascript var bindings gender: selector: patientPicture elAttribute: 'class del, this.
Del points to the model.I'll talk about that situation a bit later.El instantiate a new Message object with the user data, and get Backbone to send it to the API with the save method.Js, it is more a practical howto on how to proceed with nested relationships once you've understood the basics.Allows you to define type formatting and type conversion in your bindings.Extend( template : view_template className: 'container initialize: function /This correctly logs the second model del2 And here is the template: script id"view_template" type"text/template" p twoModel_label oneModel_data /p p twoModel_label2 oneModel_data2 /p /script It renders everything correctly using the oneModel data, but doesn't render the second.List of threads The Thread and Message models, along with their associated APIs server-side, allow us to keep track of all the messages in a given thread, and to post new threads and messages.Added the ability to add a global converter via tOptions(converter: xxx.0.2 April 18, 2013 Fixed the _unbindViewToModel to use the changeTrigger options Fixed the default jQuery selector for all elements to be instead of '.Once the server has returned the json data, events will be triggered on the ThreadView object (see below).#Nested View option 2: scoped bindings# If your parent and nested Model html elements cannot live under their own parent elements then you'll need to define the bindings with jQuery selectors that are properly scoped as shown in the example below.!- Html - input type"text".El, bindings In the example above, we are binding to the model's attribute 'currentHours' because when currentHours changes the hoursLeft calculated value will change - the converter will be invoked at that time.El, bindings In this example, the nder value is either "M" or "F".Special thanks to, derick Bailey for creating predecessor to this plugin.El, empBindings / this will bind for Emp).
The els array is more valuable if you need to set other properties etc.

On a Debian/Ubuntu system: sudo apt-get install nginx sudo cp conf/nf sudo gvim Edit the following line to point to the location of your local copy of the tutorial repository: alias Be sure to point to the static/ subdirectory, where the ml file resides.You can define your own if needed.HomeAddressFields In the example above, the nested homeAddressModel is bound to the correct fields because they are scoped by a single parent element.HasMany, key: span relatedModel: span reverseRelation: key: span includeInjson: span, The relations option comes from Backbone-relational, and allows to specify how the Thread objects relate to the Message objects: type: Backbone.To do this, just drop a reference to the minified version of the plugin into sextreff leipzig your document's head as follows, replacing the version number with whatever the latest one is: script type"text/javascript" #Defining Binding Scope with jQuery one of the most powerful capabilities of the.This tutorial and the sample program are distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without ANY warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness foarticular purpose.
This singles herdecke happens when a new message is added to the ssages array, or when a new message is saved with a read set to the same value as the thread._id.