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Dating and sex in your 40s

dating and sex in your 40s

Think about being an invisible presence at your own wake.
Now is a good time to spare some thought for your legacy.
Your 20s were a time to experiment with personal style.See a look youd like to emulate in a magazine.Although youve got to square away your income, you still deserve to do whatll make you happy.It doesnt have to be a boat.Once youve collected a half-dozen, step into a top menswear store near you, develop a relationship with a salesperson, and be prepared to plunk down a not-insignificant amount of moolah on clothes.Being in your 40s means being established enough to afford the things youve always wanted to do and being young enough to enjoy them.But even if youre from Dubuque, Poughkeepsie or Paducah, youll feel an eerie sense of homecoming on the savanna.

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Its as simple as eating different foods, increasing social interactions, identifying different smells and sights along your route to work, or changing your usual seat at the dinner table.Thats an easy Drug-Free Way to Beat Depression!We live at a time in which resources for looking back at who we are and where our people came from abound, such as m and 23andme.How many features have you seen on the news about octogenarians, or people whove crossed the century mark, who attribute their long life to good whiskey?Although the idea of brain exercise is controversial, it cant hurt, and its easy.Rather than rewatch old shows, star in your own set in 2016.A funny thing happens when you get.Weve compiled a list of 40 things to do to make the most of your 40s its the new 30s, or whatever, after all and set the stage for many healthy and successful decades beyond.Dont worry: Pieces from this splurge should serve you well into your dotage.
Your 30s were a time to get comfortable with your look while making important life moves.