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Forster single stage press

forster single stage press

It is pricier than many other single stage presses (almost twice as much as a Rock Chucker however, I think it is well worth the investment.
Solid products for a solid press.Fast forward in the twenty some odd years and I now load more than ever. The 650 worked well when it was set up and not exploding (I blew up the primer feed twice but that is a story for another time) but it was quite the project when switching calibers. It is a neat system that hasnt failed me in thousands and thousands of rounds. No more screwing anything down to ensure your settings stay the same; simply lock the dies lock ring around its body, adjust the die and every time you take it in and out of the press, its setting stays exactly the same.
Forster Co Ax reife dating sites, Schottland Jaw holder upgrade.
An upside to the way the shell holder and die arrangement works is the cartridge is allowed to float into the die decreasing the likelihood something isnt aligned and potentially causing accuracy-killing run out (.

This meant I was likely loading for 4 or 5 different cartridges at any given time and might be heading to the range with an esoteric assortment like 6mm Remington, 280 Remington, 7 STW and 375. I prime cases with a Sinclair hand priming tool and only use it in instances when I encounter something I dont have a shell holder for.Whidden actually offers a floating die head option for Dillon progressive presses to achieve the same result). Can you say game changer?It lead me to a journey of making upgrade parts. I now own two presses, a Dillon 550 (IF a primer blows, you dont have all the primers go like on a 650) for pistol and. Also, with extensive use, the plate may start to bend. Compared to the engineering project required to switch cartridges on the 650, simply swapping out shell holders and screwing down dies was liberating. Note: that is a 300 grain.
If you find it annoying that you will have to remove.