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Linz single bar

linz single bar

We use the scroll functionality again, some array creation and free sex treffen in winchester, indiana * manipulation, class adding and class removing, and conditional testing var aChildren nav.children / find the a children of the list items var aArray ; / create the empty aArray for (var i0;.
Push(ahref / this for loop fills the aArray with attribute href values (window).scroll(function var windowPos sex Täter Registrierung powder springs ga (window).scrollTop / get the offset of the window from the top of page var windowHeight (window).height / get the height of the window var docHeight (document).height for (var i0;.
We then use some calculations using the scroll function.
Also, ick will be used to pin our navigation to the top of the page after scrolling.The possibilities are endless by manipulating it, and this is a great example of using.Ebar10-1 12 Way Earth Bar C/W Single Disc.We find the section id, calculate its height, see if its greater or less than the value from the window top, and if the window falls in between, we add a class nav-active to the list item in question.Getting Started With The Markup, the markup is fairly easy.We create a conditional also, because if the top of a section is not reached and the page cant scroll anymore, we want to highlight this section.Using the jQuery function scroll we can update a variable that gives us the distance of the window to the top of the page.More meanings of this word and English-Russian, Russian-English translations for link BAR in dictionaries.We create an array of all our nav a hrefs.Nadia Boulanger "Care and diligence bring luck.#sidebar width:300px; float:left; #content width:724px; float:right; padding-left:24px; navigation nav width:300px; border:solid 1px rgb(220,220,220 padding:0 12px; ick position: fixed; top: 0; z-index: 10000; margin-top:12px; nav ul list-style-type:none; margin:0; padding:0; nav li nav li a color:rgb(50,50,50 font-weight:700; v-active color ccc; Digging Into the JQuery and JavaScript.Other sizes/configurations are available upon request.section /div!- content - /div!- /.container - /div!- main - Now, Lets Style With CSS.
Js * We target all a tags inside the nav, and apply the scrollto.
Length; i) var theID aArrayi; var divPos (theID); / get the offset of the div from the top of page var divHeight (theID).height / get the height of the div in question if (windowPos divPos windowPos (divPos divHeight) ahref theID.addClass nav-active else ahref theID if(windowPos.

There are a few extra CSS classes that we will declare.Earth bars are an efficient and convenient way of providing a common earth point.The navigation will be in the left sidebar, and the main content will be in the right content column.Link bank, lINK belt, copyright.Then, if this distance becomes greater than the distance initially calculated (from the div to the top we add the class.stick to the element.Using an empty tag with an id of nav-anchor placed right above our navigation, we can find the height from the top of the window to the eventDefault this.Kingsmill earth bars are supplied with 50x6mm copper bar, M10 brass connection bolts, mounted on insulators and powder coated steel base as standard.Were going to use a standard two column floated display.thomas Fuller "Applause is a receipt, not a bill.".(document).ready(function * This part does the "fixed navigation after scroll" functionality * We use the jQuery function scroll to recalculate our variables as the * page is scrolled/ (window).scroll(function var window_top (window).scrollTop 12; / the "12" should equal the margin-top value for ick var div_top.
Using standard CSS methods, we create a two column layout.
Ebar8-1 10 Way Earth Bar C/W Single Disc.